Body Work Treatments with Christina and Jen

This month I had the opportunity to experience two more body work treatments at MindSpa with clinical staff members. I enjoyed two separate sessions with Christina Lilley, LMT and Jen Tescher, LMT, FB. The sessions were part of the MindSpa Summer Wellness Package I signed up for in July. The program is an opportunity to purchase six body work treatments for a discount. I decided to spread my six sessions over July, August and September.

You still have time to sign up for the MindSpa Summer Wellness Package through the end of September and then you can book your treatments over three months or perhaps weekly for more concentrated support. Either way, this is a unique opportunity to love your body while learning more about various treatments and their benefits.

The primary treatment options in the wellness package include Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Energy Balancing, Acupressure Massage, and Facilitated Stretching. I say options because the MindSpa team members incorporate the elements that best meet the needs of each client.

For example, last month I got two treatments with Tina Meyer, DD, LMT and her focus was on massage, guided stretching and energy balancing. I wrote about my experience in the prior blog posting. Tina is very skilled technically speaking and intuitive in her approach. She taught massage and other body work techniques at Heritage College in Denver and more recently at the Florida College of Natural Health in Bradenton.

One of the benefits of teaching locally is it gave Tina an opportunity to work with many professionals in the region. Her knowledge of people led her to recruiting Christina Lilley, LMT and Jen Tescher, LMT, FB to join her at MindSpa. I could sense a cohesion and consistency in approaches among all three ladies even though they have different backgrounds.

One of the obvious skills shared by Tina, Christina and Jen is sensitivity about patient care. All three professionals were astute in communicating with me; not only in explaining what they were doing, but also in assessing my needs. Good listening is essential to everyone that works closely with patients and clients and it always enhances the treatment experience.

Christina focused on massage and lymphatic drainage and Jen combined a soothing facial with reflexology. Lymphatic drainage is an important massage technique because it releases concentrated toxins in the lymph nodes. It’s not as soothing as massage which made me appreciate Christina’s gentle touch.

I’ve had facials before and what impressed me most about Jen is her quick diagnosis that I have sensitive skin mostly due to hereditary factors. That resulted in her choosing products and gentle techniques that were more suitable for my skin. I also enjoyed Jen’s massage of reflex points on my feet and hands.

By the way, reflexology is a significant treat if you haven’t experienced it before. The fascinating theory behind reflexology is that areas on our feet, hands and ears correspond to organs and systems of the body. The connection is through our amazing nervous system. To put it in perspective, our foot has more than 7,000 nerve endings. What a skilled therapist like Jen knows is where to apply pressure to stimulate various organs and body systems.

Like Tina Meyer, Christina Lilley and Jen Tescher are kind and considerate individuals who have obvious passion for helping other people. It was a pleasure to get to know them better and I look forward to future sessions with all of the MindSpa team members.

One of the major benefits of getting body therapy treatments at MindSpa is you can combine the session with other unique services. That includes a float in one of the two floatation tanks, a visit to the Far Infrared Sauna, a session in the Neurowave Chair, a session in the Color Dome, or a private session with one of the MindSpa team members. Visit the Our Team page to review their bios. You can also read prior blog postings about many of the services at MindSpa.

I’m looking forward to two more body work sessions in September including a craniosacral therapy session. The big takeaway from my experience of the MindSpa Summer Wellness Package is the need for me to incorporate regular massages into my life. The ideal amount would be a weekly session, but even every other week is a smart investment in health maintenance.

Incorporating body work therapy is a smart investment when it comes to health and wellness. Preventative strategies and stress-reducing habits that promote mindfulness are much less expensive and invasive than pharmaceutical products with side effects and future surgeries.