Restoring Rhythms of the Body with Meditation for Optimal Health with Tina Meyer

Schedule to be announced!

Join us for an introductory 6-week class to:

  • Learn about mental fitness, the science behind it, and practical exercises designed to improve your mental fitness.
  • Learn to release stress and stop “draining” emotions.
  • Use meditation techniques to improve brain coherence. When you are in a coherent state, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are balanced, leading to feelings of ease, harmony with life, and inner peace.
  • Discover the energy, intelligence, and wisdom of the heart.
  • Restore beneficial connection between the heart and the brain.
  • Lower stress hormone levels such as cortisol.
  • Restore balance to the natural rhythms and metabolic rates of your body (breathing, blood circulation, body temperature, cell growth, brain and nerve function, and contraction of muscles). When these rhythms are in balance, you will feel better during both relaxing conditions and stressful conditions.